Some evening fishing in Skarselva

Its nice to just swap the shore, windy conditions and long rods for something nice and cousy..
Having the possability to do so, is one of the best things you get from being in Oslo.
10 minutes in one direction you have nice shorefishing.
10 minutes in the other direction, you have nice woodland fishing. Lakes and streams.
Skarselva just 15 minutes from Oslo, with a healty population of small brown trout.
So the Norweigans..
Are really blessed when it comes to fishing, i think the "OFA" fishing permit, the Oslo region.
Contains something like 300 fishing waters within their area.
And thats not counting the shorefishing wich is free.
Daypermit is 120 Nok  (2020)
Small streams where you sneak around in wetwaders, hunting for small browntrout with finessgear
The fish..
Might not be the biggest, but with tiny finessgear its fun technical fishing.
And the odd grandpa  trout in the 5-750 grams range is a nice fish on that equipment.
Fall is moving in and the trout is a nice dark brown and yellow color..
So all in all..
Another nice little trip out to one of those beautful little woodlan creeks that surrounds Oslo.
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