A few days fishing on the westcoast

Was both nice and really..
Horrible! Last day out there was winds in the 10m/s range and rain..
Not that much fun when you forgot your raingear at home..
But besides that, it was a nice minivacation with 10-14hrs of fishing per day.
Part of the trip was testing out the reels for my HRF and seabass fishing
The two baitcasters..
A Shimano 20 SLX DC and a Shimano 20 Exsence DC SS were planned to undergo some serious testing.
And they did, everything from small 5gr jigheads to heavy metal jigs were used in tailwinds as well as in headwinds..
In rain and in sun, twitching, jerking, dropshotting my complete range of stuff..
One nice little reel a wonder of easy and long casting
The Shimano 20 SLX DC
Is a really nice little 70 sized reel, after getting used to it for a while, the brake settings that is.
This little reel do cast around the 100 meters range with  metal jigs around 14-18 grams.
Even further in tailwind, up to around 110 meters..
It emptied my 130m PE line to where i could see my nylon backing.
Really userfriendly and longcasting baitcaster.
I also found..
That it was much more easy to control when it comes to backlashes and things than the Exsence DC SS.
To be noted is that im still a beginner when it comes to baitcasters, but this reel didnt really cause that much trouble.
During the week i had maybe 1 or 2 more "serious" blowouts where i had to spend 5-10 minutes to untagle the birdsnest.
But it was never so severe that i had to respool, just messy.
Overall this reel have grown immensly on me and is quickly becomming a favourite.
Tenryu makes beautiful rods full of character and purpose, beautiful fishing tools.
A really nice week on the westcoast, the odd flatfish, wrasses and a seabass got to see the sun directly.
And the liking of baitcasters, still grow on me..