Weather allowed some fishing in the fjord

So this weekend..
I spent some time around Halden Brygge this is an area known for holding Seabass as well as Ballan Wrasse whitch is one of my favourite LRF fishes.
Seabass is always fun fishing, not an easy fish to catch nowdays in the fjord though.
Often requires you to be up before any boat trafiic or after...
Gear up..
With baitcasting gear, im a spinning gear kind of guy really..
Iv been using spinning reels for close to 40 years.
But lately, the baitcasters have grown on me, i would say thanks to the Shimano DC system.
Its really a beautiful brake system, makes casting a baitcaster so easy AND they cast far i must say.
Not 100% butterfinger proof, but not at all as bad as i thought, i really enjoy fishing with them..
Standard seabass setup for this area, DUO Ryuki is pretty much always on the line..
Shimano SLX DC 71XG (JDM)
Tenryu Vortex RV74B-M (Rock Light Versatile) rocky area, no long casting required
Lots of..
Anchovy in the water gives an opprttunity to catch Seabass even during daytime.
With some luck you see the backs of the seabasses when they plow though the schools of Anchovy and inhale them with huge splashes..
Unfortunately also lots of Garfish taking the lure...
Garfish, Garfish, Garfish..
Lots of those in small sizes, but those guys are so greedy.. they take a lure half their own size.
And they are everywhere so hard to avoid..
After some time..
I decided to break out the LRF gear and fish for some smaller fish which is abundant in the area.
Light drop-shot rig with Isome, never goes wrong..
The beautiful Shimano Stella FJ 1000
Zenaq Spirado Blackarts rod, supersensitive longcaster..

Amazing little LRF setup that i love to death...
Wrasses are abundant in the area aswell as a nice assortment of bottomdwellers.
Beautifully colored wrasse..
So all in all...
Got some nice fishing done, unfortunately the weather got better and at this area that means sunbathers...
Weather got better, sun requires rehydration!