Evening quicktrip to Bygdöy

Quicktrip to Bygdöy in Oslo
I just recently got myself som baitcaster reels.
After using spinning reels for something like 40 years, i thought id try some baitcasting reels out :)

Shimano Metanium 15 DC, the first of my 3 baitcasting reels. Used together with a Tenryu Vortex rod.
Fishing today..
Took place at Bygdöy in the inner Oslofjord.
Its a nice stretch of water just 10 minutes from Oslo center, the area is a mix of sandy areas and some deeper areas within casting distance from shore. 
It was just a quick trip while my woman took the dog for a walk, about one hours fishing didnt result in anything more than a smal Garfish.

Shimano Stella FJ 1000 on a Zenaq Blackarts Spirado rod.
Also brought the LRF gear..
But didnt get to any LRF fishing, as trying to improve my baitcasting is just to much fun right now.. :)