Greased up and ready to go!

Almost there..
Will be leaving for almost one week of fishing on the westcoast of Sweden.
Its a nice change to my Norway fishing, even though the fishing in Norway normally is much better than in Sweden for me.
Small and big, greased up and ready to go!
Might be the year i got baitcaster saved...
I have been fishing for +40 years by  now, spinning reels all the way..
Iv tried baitcasters before, when there was just "mechanical" ones, friction and magnetic brakes..
But shit, those backlashes...
Common trait for baitcasters, or is it?
But let there be iDC!
At some point in time Shimano came upp with iDC (Intelligent Digital Control) which is a microchip that measures the rpm of the spool one thousand times per second and adjusts accordingly.
So now..
Even people like me can enjoy the feel of a baitcaster without having to spend half of the time fishing, trying to unmess, messed up birdsnests..
And boy, the sound of a iDC reel, the feel... yeah its woth a try..