Quicktrip to Fornebukta in Oslofjorden

Evening quicktrip
To Fornebukta today, Fornebukta is a fun place to fish due to the number of different bottomdwellers you can get there, which makes it a really fun place for LRF fishing.
Small flattie from Fornebukta cought on Isome and drop shot tackle.
Fist try of the Z-man stuff..
I picked up some weeks ago. Their stuff is often used for Ned rigging which i thought must be good for fishing after bottomdwellers here in the Oslofjord.
First cast cought a mackrell on the fall, didnt even reach the bottom...
Pretty much hade a take on every other cast after that, but i think the hooksize on those Shroomz are to big for the fish here.

Nice floating jigs from Z-man, with shroomz heads, they stand up from the bottom with jiggling tentacles.
TRD TubeZ rigged on a Shroomz head.
The baitcasting goes on..
Casting is really on and off, better and better i guess..
But havent been able to put some real power into the casting yet...
Birdsnests seems to be the way to go for baitcasting..