Shimano SLX DC (JDM) 20 model

Shimano SLX DC (JDM) 20 model
Is a "70" size, nice little DC reel from Shimano.
Its marketed as a long caster and anti backlasher. thats all you need right?
I use it with quite thin line for LRF fishing, together with a 7"4' feet Tenryu Rock Eye rod.
The JDM model has a different spool than the export model and casts ligh lures really well.
The JDM model looks much more attractive in its subdued black layout than the blue export model.
So is it any good?
The SLX DC 20 is made to cast everything from lightweight vibrolures, buzzbaits to bigbaits.
Its built to cast them far and with minimal risk of backlashes.
Sounds to good to be true? Well to be honest, it casts and brakes incredibly well..
Im kind of new to baitcasters, been using spinning reels for more then 40 years...
The stories about horrific backlashes always put me off..
So when i can fish an entire day, in a bit windy conditions, with only 2-3 minor backlashes, it must be good.
Matt black with Shimanoblue details
So DC reels..
Im kind of a computerperson, big techinterest, almost as big as fishing..
So when you can buy top of the line baitcasters with built in microchip and generator?
Come on... Its a must try!!
Its a microchip controlled brake that measures rpm one thousen times per second!!
I would say that the SLX DC is in the Shimano start/midrage of DC reels, definately not top line.
Reel is assembled in Malaysia, not in Japan like the Antares and Metanium for instance.
Perfect matchup for some light, to medium fishing..
The iDC-4 SLX tune (From Japanese manual)
Is a starterfriendly iDC version that only got four simple settings.
The mechanical brake should be adjusted to just eliminate any lateral spool movement.
(No testfalling of the lures as on mechanically (Friction/Magnet) braked reels)
Any more can effect the function of the iDC system.
Settings are factory tuned for use with flourocarbon line..
*If you are using PE or nylon, 1 step lower breaklevel.
*Tailwind, one lower breaklevel.
*Casting into the wind, one higher breaklevel.
4. Small minnows, buzzbaits, small crankbaits
3. Spinnbaits and other windresistent baits
2. Iron jigs and vibrolures
1. Casting in tailwind
Of course..
Its not written in stone, but i think they are pretty spot on guidelines.