Welcome to my new blog!

Here i will share..
My intererst in JDM gear for fishing as well as my fishing trips around the Scandinavian coasts and creeks.

Japanese Domestic Market gear, is top of the line gear that the Japanese  manufacturers keep for the Japanese domestic market, not intended for export to the rest of the world.

A custom ordered and built baitfinesse rod from Anglo & Co in Japan.
This is more than a rod, its a work of art and technology in perfect fusion.
Older Shimano Calcutta conquest 51DC reel for the Anglo & Co rod.

Im a total gearfreak..
And having qualitygear is important to me, i want to be able to rely on my gear.
I want it to feel god, cast well and fish well..
And of course have looks that appeal to me.. (Looks are important, dont deny it!)
I know it wont catch more fish than cheaper gear, but at the end of the day, its more to fishing than catching fish for me..

Zenaq is renowned for making some of the best shore and boatfishing rods in the world, my goto rods.

Its like..
Driving to work, in the end of the day its just driving to work.
But i know that if i could choose to do it in an old eastern block Trabant, or in a Ferrari, i would choose the Ferrari...