Current travelcombo

I travel alot..
So looking for some nice options that fit into my carry-on or check-in bags, is something thats constantly in my browser history.
If i go somewhere where theres coast, i really try to get some time in and fish there..
And that goes for all my gear, from rods to my chech-in Hoobie kayak..
Current baitcaster travel rod, the excellent Zenaq Expedition 73B, 20-90gr, 3-piece rod.
"Travel" gear..
In my experience always comes with some drawbacks, for instance 5-piece rods to me, must be much harder to make as durable as for instance 2-piece rods.
All those joints, in my head, they must add weakspots and weight and other challenges..
Iv blown up a bunch of travelrods, not by being careless, but they just dont stand up to hard use.
With one exception sofar, the Zenaq Expedition.
This is one awesome travelrod, this rod is just a marvel of quality and nice fishing charachteristics.
Companion to the Expedition is a Shimano Antares MD DC
The reel..
Is of course more a question of taste and what matches the rod when it comes to weight and purpose.
In this case the Shimano Antares MD DC is a perfect match with its "XB" setting that can throw large, heavy weight lures.
All in all my current favourite travelcombo in the heavier lure class, for bigger fish.
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